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The Loop
The Loop - Mimicking Birds

They're all gone she'll rot wishing as she swam that her own moon would be her only friend but he too is swimming away an inch more every year and

Almost forgot about the other spheres here it took a few hundred light-years for the bad air to clear up out of here

Soon now her star will swell, bloat up and turn bright red - at least that's what we said would happen to it

They're all gone she'll begin as just elements again, tumbling in the solar wind, in and out they'll spin in a different direction

Somewhere else a similar situation, some random formation occurring in the same equation building new destruction

"They're all gone," she said with soar achy fault lines, still following guidelines... a stone's approach - pushed to swirl in some other new star's light

Soon now too that star will swell releasing brand new moons, dark matter and toxic fumes - it's just a dusty interstellar saloon

Soon now too that star will swell, spread out and then shrink up, some white dwarf will hold your cup half-full because elsewhere new volcanoes erupt

They're all gone, but she'll still be seen off somewhere else melting, some other eyes absorbing new light inside of some new star-ling

Soon now too that light will die, but its energy never does it burns in some other new blood...

  • Backing Vocals - Isaac Brock
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