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Lounge (Closing Time)
Lounge (Closing Time) - The Lonesome Crowded West

She was goin' with a cinematographer
everyone knew that he was really a pornographer
They went down to the dance and grind and everybody
was feeling fine
She was talking with a syllable lisp
and everyone knew she was gonna get the twist

And they all went down and did porcupine
everybody was feeling high
you are so hot
i would like to steal your digits
and I'm so hung up on it
i would like to
move away from it
and we are so caught up with things
we should pull each others triggers
and I'm off
you thought you were smoking

I've got a girlfriend out of the city
i know i like her i think she's pretty

Last call!
It's closing time
I'm on the road to god don't know my brains
the burger and my hearts the coal
It's closing time

  • Lyrics from "The Lonesome Crowded West" booklet.
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