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Year: 2011 | Month: July
Posted 2011/07/10 at 13:26 | By: Gregg | Tags: Site News

The years go fast and the days go so slow: Five years of

This past week, celebrated five years of being on the web. You can read about the origins of the site over on the about page, so I won't go in to any of those details. Instead, here's a brief look back at how the site has changed over the years.

The original idea for the site came from I recreated many of the elements and features they had, left out ones that I thought would be applicable (such as the Bootlist), and added some of my own. The design was roughly based (ie: blatantly copied) on Pearl Jam's website back in 2006, which I was particularly fond of at the time.

The colours were based obviously on the the main colour theme from the Good News For People Who Love Bad News album. To be honest, I can't remember ever thinking that the colours would change each time an album came out, but a week before We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank came out, I figured they would need to change. I was never mad about that colour scheme, yet it graced the site for just under three years.

In 2009, I looked into redoing the site and being a little more blog based. A big comment at that point had been people wanting to comment on articles, and mainly songs (like I've included the rough design of the homepage below. I had also wanted to recode the site in a different language. The language the site was originally coded in, is pretty much dead. I got around to coding about half the site, when 2009 started turning into a very busy year; I got engaged and subsequently married, and planning weddings and buying houses took precedence over redoing websites. The site then sat incomplete for ages, which was probably a good thing, social media took off in a big way, and I don't think many of the elements would have fit well in that design. That, and now looking back at it, I am not very fond of this design.

Late 2010, I came up with a new design (ie: blatantly copied from somewhere else), and tried to salvage as much code from the aborted 2009 project. was relaunched three days into the new year.

To mark this five year anniversary, we'd like to hear from you what features you feel are still missing. Themes were promised six months ago, and actually are technically done, I just need to get around to making the images and styles for each album and uploading them. I also built a site search, which just needs to be cleaned up and uploaded. But anything else you'd like to see, send us your ideas and suggestions. Mail us, comment on this post, comment on the Board, Facebook, Twitter... (Too many of these things now).

Some thank you's: Obviously the band, who if not for this project wouldn't exist. Pat Graham for all his help over the years. The small team of people that help keep the site running and moderating the Board. And lastly, I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone that's visited and contributed over the years.

Posted 2011/07/06 at 19:35 | By: Gregg | Tags: Dann Gallucci, Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green, Modest Mouse, Release

Charity compilation track revealed: Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office

It has only been performed once to our knowledge, used to close out one of the first known Modest Mouse show's back in 1995. Today, Wrong Decision, finally gets an official title: Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office.

The track will be appearing on a compilation that we reported on earlier entitled Live From Nowhere Near You : Volume 2, being released on July 19 through Greyday Records.

As for a little history on the track, Kevin Moyer was able to share the following:

Isaac and I share a distant friendship. He is very smart, crazy, fun, hilarious, and can tell a story like no other. I think the fact that our group of friends don't overlap too much means we can often have confiding conversations with no outside concern. I can also tell that we both understand the darkness. When we first talked about the effort and him contributing, he wanted to do a cover song and for the life of me I cannot remember what it was, just that I wanted to record him doing it under a bridge or in a park near his house at night. But he got busy with doing the album "No One Is First and You're Next", so we started looking at old tracks already in the can to include instead.

Around that time I came upon some old tapes of Isaac as a 14 year old young kid playing music with friends in a shed using an old answering machine to record, and spent a considerable amount of time trying to clean those up, but Isaac did not want to use those as he felt it was "strip mining his past" and I had to agree. And just FYI on those tapes - Uncle Bunny Faces and Tube Fruit - he was just a teenager, only fourteen on some them, and he dumpster dived every tape that these were recorded onto from the MUZAK dumpsters in Seattle. Isaac tells me that these were never intended as demos, the term "demo" implies that you made the recordings to get people to become interested for a REAL record - and these were the REAL records. Isaac only gave them to close friends at the time and I can tell that he has a hard time hearing that these were for ever put up for sale by anyone. Again, with the strip mining his past.

Anyways, we decided to figure something else out and our schedules were having trouble aligning. Finally, one stormy night I was supposed to meet Isaac and his girlfriend at his house, but he wasn't there so I sat and waited on the porch for a few watching the trees bend in the storm. When the rain seemed to settle a bit I got in my car and left, only to get a text message from him on my way home saying to come back. I vividly remember the rain smearing down the windshield and the blurring green and reds of the traffic lights in the night as I turned the car around and almost got T boned by a semi truck running a red light doing about 60MPH. Finally though, I was back at Isaacs in the warmth of his house, sitting around a table drinking wine and listening to music.

The track that we finally chose is called "Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office" and was recorded back in 1993 at Pat Maley's Yoyo Studios in Olympia, WA. This track is almost as old as the band and there is no recollection as to what this was recorded for particularly, other than just for the sake of recording music. The song features Isaac Brock on vocals and guitar, Dann Gallucci on guitar, and Jeremiah Green on drums. At the time, Isaac was sleeping in the hallway of a house with about 13 other people living in it; as was Dan, who was living in someone's closet.

By the way, Isaac was one of the first people to offer to release the "Live From Nowhere Near You" album. He had been doing A&R for sub pop and later started his own label called Glacial Pace. As far as I was concerned, with that kind gesture from him, he always had first dibs on releasing the project. But, remember, this effort took eight years to finish and he was busy with his own stuff and it kinda got to the point where I didn't want Isaac to think that the only reason I was talking with him was because I wanted something from him, so I kind of let that go. But it was always his, and the appreciation will always be there because it came at a point where I really needed someone to believe in the project and me... so it's not a stretch to say that he still had a very big part in the music on this release finally making it out of my studio and into the public ear.

Kevin was unfortunatly not able to disclose any more about which tracks were considered for the compilation, but for the most part it seems that the majority of what was, already exists in the fan community now (albeit sadly with made-up fan titles). As was with Every Mom I Know Seems To Think Its 'bout Them But It Ain't and the Babble On compilation that came to light earlier this year, this adds a few more details to the band's early history that is sadly so poorly documented.

Hear a new higher quality version of Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office over at Antiquiet. Live From Nowhere Near You is available now for pre-order from Greyday Records (Canadians should have no problems now with shipping costs, as the postal strike is over).

Source: Exclusive: Unreleased Song From Isaac Brock Of Modest Mouse @ Antiquiet

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