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Posted 2012/03/30 at 23:34 | By: Gregg | Tags: Isaac Brock, Side Project, Ugly Casanova

Back in June of last year, it was reported that Isaac Brock was working on a soundtrack to an upcoming film Queens of Country. Well, nine months went by and virtually nothing else was said about it. We attempted to contact the producers of the film to get more info, but didn't receive a response. Leading us to question just last week if Isaac was even still involved at this point.

The film seems to have faced a few delays, but will finally see it's world debut this coming Saturday at the Phoenix Film Festival, and with it, final confirmation if Isaac is still involved.

Tonight, the day before the film is to debut, Phoenix Music blog Up On The Sun, uploaded their latest podcast that include two of the tracks Isaac has contributed to the score.

The instrumental numbers are entitled "Trophy Room" and "Sadness", and start at around the 12:35 min mark in the podcast. Unfortunately the DJ talks, and interviews actor Ron Livingston from Queens of Country, over the first track, but the second one can be heard in full.

With the movie coming out tomorrow, hopefully more songs will come to light, and perhaps more will be shed on the subject if maybe Isaac's score will see a physical release like the 180 Degrees South soundtrack did. It will also be interesting to see if Isaac plans on releasing these under the Ugly Casanova name.

Thanks to board member monkey2000 for bringing this to our attention.

Source: Up on the Sun: The Podcast with Ron Livingston, Isaac Brock, Wanda Jackson, and More - Phoenix Music - Up on the Sun

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