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Posted 2011/09/15 at 11:55 | By: Gregg | Tags: Isaac Brock, Tour

On October 1, Broken Social Scene will be performing their last American show at The Fillmore in San Francisco, before taking an undetermined hiatus.

Pitchfork is reporting that the show will consist of a "mellow session" and a "loud session". That Feist and the members of Metric won't be there, but Stars' Amy Millan and Evan Cranley will. They are also saying that Isaac Brock will perform some songs with the band.

Isaac has performed with Broken Social Scene in the past. See November 2008, when he joined the band on stage in Toronto, where they performed material from both Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene.

Broken Social Scene have also covered The World At Large in recent months.

Source: Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew Talks Band Hiatus, Future Projects, Apps | News | Pitchfork

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