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Posted 2009/06/22 at 00:00 | By: Gregg | Tags: Johnny Marr

Coupled with the fact that many of The Cribs' tour dates conflict with Modest Mouse's upcoming ones, during an interview on June 13 with the BBC when asked if he was in Modest Mouse as well as The Cribs, Johnny Marr said that:

"Modest Mouse has taken a vague hiatus, because Isaac the main guy is doing some music for a film. The thing with Modest Mouse is it's kind of a real bunch of super grown-ups. I can play with them any time I like. We live in the same town of Portland, Oregon and I probably will be popping up on a few of their records. I'm in The Cribs though. The Cribs is the band I get in a van with, go to soundchecks with and live with at the moment."

Jim Fairchild is once again expected to take second guitar duties on the upcoming tour dates.

Thanks to D for the info.


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