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Posted 2009/06/09 at 00:00 | By: Gregg | Tags: Release

The Autumn Beds 7" is now being sold through Modest Mouse's store at Skyroo in case you missed out getting a copy from Insound. It's being pressed on black vinyl and like before, is limited to 4000 copies. It will also be seeing an iTunes release on the same day that it's available in store, June 23.

In Perpetual Motion Machine news - while the record is being sold from Tower Records (at double the cost) and other lesser known stores on the web, many people have asked us when it will be available from Insound. They have informed us that they will be taking orders soon and that they are just waiting on the cover art from the label. They unfortunately are also in the dark about what the b-side will be. We'll keep you posted.


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