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Whenever You See Fit
Whenever You See Fit - Modest Mouse And 764-Hero
Format DOR Label ID Origin
12" 1998/07/07 Up Records UP #058 US [1]
CD 1998/07/07 Suicide Squeeze S008 CA [2] buy Amazon / buy Insound
1. Whenever You See Fit (Original Version) [1][2]
2. Whenever You See Fit (DJ Dynomite D Mix) [1][2]
3. Whenever You See Fit (Scientific American Mix) [1][2]
  • With 764-Hero.
  • Recorded on Saint Valentine's day 1998 in Washington State.
  • Album cover by Pat Graham.
Pressing Info:
  1. 12": Unknown quantity on black vinyl
  2. CD: Unknown quantity
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