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Format DOR Label ID Origin
7" 2008/03/20 imputor? imp044 US [1]
Misc (iTunes) 2008/08/08 imputor? imp044 US [2]
1. 100HHHEAVYYY [1]  [2]  
2. KNEEBREAKS [1]  [2]  
4. MIDDLEBREAKS [1]  [2]  
5. 060606  [2]  
  • "DRUMS is a do it yourself drum breaks record: break it, sample it, loop it, play it backward or forward, at any speed. Add these beats as your rhythm backbone or effect them to pieces as an atmospheric interlude. Tinker with tones and pitch to make atonal jams or compose melodic cuts. Crank up the volume to hit it hard or turn it way down to soften things up. Sample, Mix, Sync it up with Frank Sinatra or Sir Elton John. Maneuver the beats any way you wish, or just listen and see how World Gang evolves them in their forthcoming releases."
  • "Each DRUMS 7 inch is a unique vinyl color ranging from blue, purple, pink and grey swirls and hand decorated by the artists. Every Drums 7 inch is as multifarious as its use. The colorful kaleidoscopic collage with feathers, neon stickers and random things taped on the cover is a perfect representation of the limitless possibilities located inside its package. Sealed with the official World Gang logo, now you too are a member of the gang."
Pressing Info:
  1. 7": 300 copies on white vinyl
    7": 200 copies (repress)
  2. Internet release
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