Interstate-8 : A Modest Mouse Fan Collaborative News Band Songlist Discography Tour Dates Music Message Board used to have this feature on their site (they probably still do), where you could rate albums you already owned and it would make recommendations on what you should buy. Back in 2000, I thought this was a pretty neat way to find new music, so I attempted to rate ever CD I owned.

For probably around just under two years this resulted in me getting a message along the lines of "For fans of The Pixies, you may enjoy... Modest Mouse."

Due to the internet being in its infancy, all anyone had back then was Napster (one file at a time, if someone was sharing it), if I had searched for them I don't think I would have found much... if I searched for them and I honestly can't remember if I did. As a side note to this story, I grew up in a country that didn't have a lot of access to new music, let alone something that at the time was defined as an indie band, so the chances of ever finding it in a store were pretty much zero as well.

But in early 2003, I was browsing the racks of a CD store near my work during one lunch hour and came across a single maroon/purple cover titled "Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica," and I guess somewhere in the back of my head the name Modest Mouse rang a bell from those Amazon recommendations I used to get.

The CD was expensive, being an import, probably somewhere between $30 - $40 at the time, but for some reason I bought it having never listened to it, which is somewhat of a rarity for me.

And that turned out to be a very good call. The disc lived in my car for months. The only problem now, was getting my hands on more. Which I couldn't, their other two albums were nowhere to be found and torrents, to my knowledge, didn't exist.

So I gave up...

Late 2003 and I discovered LAUNCHcast (if it's still called that), streaming internet radio based upon artists you provide, and I remember sitting at work with my headphones on listening to music and working, and a song came on that blew me away. The LAUNCHcast window provided the title "Tundra / Desert" and that was the final straw for me. Back to and I ordered their other two albums, once again without ever having heard anything.

Another very good call.

In 2006 I was getting ready to make an approximate 16459km (10228 mile) move across the planet that coming January, and needed something to take my mind off selling furniture and packing boxes. That, my love for the site and how useful it was, and a mild case of OCD. Interstate-8 was born.

A quiet launch on July 6, 2006 with little more than the song titles, some album names and an import from Modest Mouse's 'full of glaring omissions' tour archive they had on their site at one time. I began adding more data along the way, and almost right away, people began to help. A slow, but steady stream, of contributions started making its way in. Which is what this site has always been about, a collaboration of fans, trying to make the most complete archive possible.

That stream of incoming information has increased a lot over the years, and this site has been made possible (apart from the band themselves of course) by all those people that have taken the time to submit a news tip, check the label IDs on their records, scribble down a set list at a show, and more.

For that, I thank you.

- Gregg (January, 2011)

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